Hello! I´m Jennifer! 



I help earth lovers design food forests and permaculture paradises for the outer and inner landscapes! 

 "Earth mentor me" is a portal, a mantra, a prayer. All of my work is created within the framework of nature as mentor. I offer practical tools and guidance for creating regenerative designs, whilst connecting deeply to the Earth as a guide and co-creator.

I am based in Norway and many of my outer landscape based courses are in Norwegian and focused on the native climate zones & plants. 

I offer online & physical forest garden  and permaculture/nature wisdom related courses, permaculture foundation course (PDC) and mentorship for earth connected leaders. 

Connect with me to request a course or hear more about how I can support you!

Gratis online masterclass!

5 steg til din egen permakulturhage!

02. februar 2023 kl17.00


Design din egen permakulturhage! 

Online kurs 

8. februar - 1. mars 

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Skoghage på 1-2-3! 

Online kurs 

Design din egen matskog i 4 uker!  
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Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)

 Oslo - Urban permakultur 

6 helg i løpet av 2023

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Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)

Dharma Mountain summer 2023

9 -16 may & 26 june - 2 july  

Course will be held in English

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Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)

Hardangerakademiet sommer 2023

5-10 juni & 14-19 august 

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Free classes! 

Gratis minikurs!

Winter is Coming! 

Receive the ancient wisdom of the Earth