Vil du skape din dr√łmmehage?

Har du alltid √łnsket din egen paradishage i harmoni med naturen, men du vet¬†ikke helt hvor du skal begynne?
Lær hvordan du kan skape din egen permakulturhage i 5 enkle trinn!

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5 steg til din egen permakulturhage!

Hello! I¬īm Jennifer!¬†



I am a teacher and coach for earth lovers who want to design a life that takes care of the Earth, people and the future. Paradises for inner and outer landscapes! 

 "Earth mentor me" is a portal, a mantra, a prayer. All of my work is created within the framework of nature as mentor. I offer practical tools and guidance for creating regenerative designs, whilst connecting deeply to the Earth as a guide and co-creator.

I am based in Norway and many of my outer landscape based courses are in Norwegian and focused on the native climate zones and plants. 

I offer online and in person permaculture / earth wisdom related programs, retreats; forest garden design, Permaculture Design Certificate course (PDC) Work That Reconnects, spiritual activism and leadership and 1:1 mentorship/coaching.

Connect with me to request a course or hear more about how I can support you!

Courses & Coaching


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1:1 "Perma-coaching"

For women called to create a life and livelihood, through deep connection to the Earth - and enter the wise woman era

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Skoghage på 1-2-3! 

Design din matskog¬†i l√łpet av 5 uker ¬†
Kom i gang i dag! 

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Design din egen permakulturhage! 

Din egen permakulturhage¬†i l√łpet av 5 uker¬†
 Tilgang til hele kurset med en gang! 

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Permakultur grunnkurs

3 langhelg fra 6. juni - 8. september - Gaiasenter, Alvdal 

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Permakultur grunnkurs
2 uker - Stavanger
17. juni  - 22. juni  /  29. juli - 03. august 

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√ėkolandsbyer Sommerleir
& PDC- Hvaler
29. juni  - 20. juli  

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Spiritual Activism

Thursday 3rd October - Sunday 6th October

Dharma Mountain  - Hedalen, Norway

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Design Consultation

 Forest garden design guidance (English/Norwegian)

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Gratis tilbud / Free offerings

Gratis minikurs!

Gratis Sjekkliste!

Gratis minikurs!

Thinking like nature  

Permaculture design for regenerative living

(in English)