Hello! I'm Jennifer!


I am passionate about co-creating with nature as mentor to create regenerative designs for our inner ans outer landscapes.


I have designed many forest gardens, from small backyards to community supported agriculture and a food forest on the roof of Økern Portal in Oslo.

I worked with consulting, courses and plant production at  Efferus Veksthus.

I have Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) and Permaculture Teacher Training certificate. I am currently completing my  permaculture diploma and in the 6 month education as a facilitator of The Work That Reconnects.

I am originally a  DJ/composer, until I became obsessed with permaculture 10 years ago. 



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Skoghage på

17. oktober 2022

Online kurs

Design din egen matskog i 4 uker! 

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Design din egen permakultur 

 januar 2023

Online kurs
Steg for steg til din egen permakultur hage!

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Permakultur Design Certificate (PDC)

9 - 16 may 
26th June - 2nd July 

Foundation course in permaculture over 2 weeks!

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