29th January - 26th February 2024

Access a new quality of life through the art of wintering.

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This is for you if...

You struggle to allow yourself to rest and slow down.

You feel your instinctive desire to retreat conflicts with expectations around you.

You long to connect more deeply to the Earth's cycles and feminine wisdom within you.

You can sense the magic and mystery in nature and long to connect with it.

You just experienced a loss or big changes.

You want to become the creator of your life.

You are a spiritual woman, permaculturist, conscious entrepreneur, activist, healer, coach, creative, earth priestess, witch, single woman*, mother or elder.

You feel the Earth calling you.

 What if you could.... 

Experience winter as a portal of magical transformation

Allow yourself to rest and regenerate

Feel deep connection to the Earth's cycles, mystery and wisdom

Gain clarity on your path & purpose  

Resource your power & courage for your sacred activism 

Deepen your intuition 

Live a more regenerative, meaningful life!

Feel connected to the web of life and your place in it

Manifest from the feminine and be the creator of your life!

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What is wintering?

Wintering is nature's way of regenerating before spring comes again. Leaves and seeds drop into a nourishing winter blanket. A decluttering that allows space for new potential.

The focus shifts inwards & downwards. Whilst above ground is dormant, deep nourishment is taking place underground. Seeds gestate in the cold darkness and prepare for rebirth.

Winter is the wise midwife of spring. Nature's pause before the great push. A time of root energy, sacred transformation, deep rest and change.

But wintering is not just about winter!

As women we are already deeply connected to cycles.
Wintering is a practice for times of change and challenge we face in life. Using
 nature´s wisdom we can remain rooted whilst exploring the darkness, composting what we let go of into new life.

By slowing down and melting resistance to winter outside and inside, we can connect to the feminine wisdom within and allow powerful insight to emerge.

The more you allow yourself to slow down and rest the faster your creative power will revive.

We are not just making this up!  

Wintering has roots in ancient cultures who honored the Earth and the feminine. A sacred celebration of spirit. A time of nourishing our roots, body and spirit. Wintering is a remembering of a forgotten art of being, rather than doing. 

When you feel safe in navigating wintering, it's easier to apply to your inner winters when they appear. 

The amount of power you experience is directly connected to how much you allow yourself to rest and regenerate.

In a society focused on doing, producing and being in spring and summer all year round, we have disconnected from this deep spiritual portal.

Wintering is actually a pretty radical act!

What others say about working with Jennifer & Jona?

Marlene Barardo

Life coach & mentor 

 "I feel Wintering allowing me to BE. I feel it connecting me to current experiences in a unique light. I imagine and embody the sensation of my own inner seed and the infinite potential it holds within. And though I cant wait for spring, I CAN wait and feel more open to allowing the Winter.

This is exactly what I hoped to receive! Thank you!" 


Anne-Kari Bakkland

International business development

"Wintering is truly about liberation, to free ourselves, to thrive. As nature prepares for winter, we should too.

Jen and Jona offer ancient wisdom, practices and rituals to come to peace with what is, to live our lives here and now.

 With this, allowing us to enter the light within and around us."

Renske Sip

Sex & Relationship Coach


"I highly recommend Jen & Jona.

I am so grateful for these two beautiful queens. Working with them I feel strongly supported by their knowledge and deep natural and grounded wisdom."

What you'll experience

It’s said that in early winter, the veil between the worlds is thin. In this program we will explore the mystery of this in-between space and the insight and power that can emerge from it. 

An exploration of wintering in real time guided by nature’s wisdom, ritual, meditation and ceremony.  Infused with permaculture, shamanic arts, myth, deep ecology, feminine embodiment and earth spirituality.

You will be held in a unique container throughout this powerful cycle from early winter to the solstice and into the change of year. 

. A supportive group of women rising into their power together.

  • Let go of what no longer serves you.
  • Feel deeply connected to the Earth's wisdom.
  • Manifest more by doing less.
  • Feel empowered & gain clarity in your path.
  • Explore and befriend the dark.
  • Allow yourself to rest and recharge.
  • Feel a deeper sense of meaning in life.
  • Become the creator of your own life.
  • Feel connected to your mystical roots and ancestry.
  • Feel connected with a community of like-minded women.

The program includes

  • 5 week program
  • 5 audio based modules 
  • 2 live calls
  • 2 facilitators
  • Guided meditations, practices & journalling prompts 
  • Lifetime access*


  • Playbook for the program
  • Wintering music playlist
  • Community space
  • Resources: recommended books, films & websites
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After this experience, winter will never be the same again! 

Get cozy while Wintering

We want you to feel super cozy at home or be able to be outdoors while following this program. Therefore we designed this program to be a mainly audio based experience where you can listen when it's convenient for you - while taking a walk, baking cookies or snuggled up with with a hot chai.

You can share your experiences, connect and feel community whilst Wintering, in our community group.

We will also come together in two zoom calls.

Let the wintering begin.

About your guides

 Jennifer McConachie  

I am a permaculture teacher, ecological activist and mentor for earth connected leaders. I worked with music as a DJ/ composer, until becoming a mother opened my heart for nature and I turned to ecological activism. Co-creating with the Earth in permaculture, politics and coaching people in receiving the wisdom of the earth as mentor. I bring a knowledge of ecological design, earth spirituality, The Work That Reconnects (deep ecology), permaculture & leadership.

Working with the Earth's wisdom & the feminine has transformed my own life! From successive burnouts to a life that feels regenerative & magical. From wanting to save the earth to being a voice of the Earth. My work feels like sacred activism. Manifesting from the feminine with the guidance of the earth, I feel clear & supported on my path & have birthed a business I love!

I believe that reconnecting to the Earth is a portal to awakening, a rising of the feminine and ultimately healing on Earth.

 Jona Berchner

I am a coach for feminine empowerment and awakened feminine leadership. Born into a preacher's family, I grew up with a deep connection to spirit, but also taboo around sexuality. My own healing lead me to become a coach, healer and therapist for sexuality, trauma and empowerment. 

But once my clients healed their wounds, purpose knocked on their door, calling them to step up. So my work naturally shifted to supporting women* to remember why they came to Earth, claim their power and create from deep inner guidance.

Growing up in Christianity I missed the feminine, the body, dark, nature’s wisdom, the untamed and powerful -  the ancient Goddess, priestesses, mystic and shamanic knowledge and the witch. Reintegrating these pieces  turned my world upside down! I became more unapologetic, started to unhide, show up, magnetize clients and create from pleasure.

The Earth holds all the wisdom! She needs us to rise and become the creators and leaders we are intended to be, to rebalance the world into peaceful co-creation.

This program is a deep dive immersion into the cycles of nature and your own.
I am in!

Module 1

Go within and follow what nature is modelling in winter.

How can you learn from the Earth?

Module 2

Release to make space and regenerate.

In nature death is rebirth -  the magical alchemy of life.

Module 3

The moment of stillness like between the exhale and the inhale.

In the void we deeply recharge and insight can emerge.

Module 4

Seeds of potential.

Slowing down reveals a space of infinite possibilities & powerful insight.

Module 5

Each and every winter is followed by the inevitable spring.

Refreshed, what do you want to create?

 “This ability to sit with mystery and explore the dark but fertile realms of infinite possibility is crucial to the work of inhabiting a meaningful life."

- Sharon Blackie


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